Your complete proactive and reactive business package

Unique Products

SlimSASH, FlushSASH and the Revival System are all unique products developed to create demand and distinguish PlatinumNRG products from other brands.

Take a look at Revival for instance...


Exclusive branding

The PlatinumNRG brand and marketing support packages help to promote and develop sales with the appeal of a bespoke, low volume yet prestigious brand.

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Business support

Business Support tools ensure efficient and effective communications and administration, including selling aids and administrative efficiency tools.

Lead generation

Lead Generation develops new business leads and sales demand for the installer to convert, providing an immediate sales pipeline for the retail installer.

Service delivery

Service Delivery cements best practice logistics from procurement to installation.

Relationship management

Relationship Management is the people side of the day to day and strategic management of every interaction between Whiteline and the customer.

Total Business Solution - Whiteline 360

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