Our PC-based conservatory visualisation tool

roofTEK conservatory design software allows the conservatory sales team to ‘build the dream’ for their customers. Within a few minutes a full colour photo-realistic image of the conservatory, pulled from a wide library of different designs, can be displayed on the screen, with the customers’ choice of frames, roof glass, brickwork, flooring and more.

Additional modules allow the roof, frames, ground works, building work, electrics and plumbing to be priced quickly and accurately and a range of attractive, professional presentations, quotations and contracts can be printed.


Every element of the conservatory can be priced in the same way that you would build the real thing. The intelligent pricing module takes in everything - from site preparation, ground-works and external drainage, building works, the frames and roof, and finally electrics, plumbing, carpentry and fitting.

Our 3D design software offers a comprehensive range of styles, glazing, colour and roofing choices. Supplementary modules can be purchased as ‘add on’ options to include bespoke designs and orangeries.

Conservatory Visualization Tool Demo

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