Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities

Whiteline operate from a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Sussex. The complete window and door range is fabricated on-site in both PVCu and aluminium. Larger, repetitive operations are carried out by some of the latest computerised machining centres whilst the finer details and processes utilise our skilled work force. 

As part of our development program, we are continually looking as to how we can increase our production output whilst always striving to improve our service to you, our loyal customers.

Re-investment is a critical element to our future development and over the last 6 months or so that is exactly what we have been doing.

To help with production capacity we have made two strategic investments, a new 8,000 sq. ft. factory and a state-of-the-art Schirmer Tandem PVCu machining centre costing in the region of £750,000.

This new machine has helped improve our build quality and output whilst providing additional production resilience. The new factory houses all three of our machine centres, which in turn has freed up space in our current PVCu factory to improve workflow efficiencies and quality control.

In addition, we also wanted to improve our stock holdings with the end goal to drive down lead times on those profiles that we feel need to improve and provide better consistency to you. We have now taken ownership of a new 7,000 sq. ft warehouse logistic centre to help us deliver on this initiative.

A video showing our manufacturing process.

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